Circle C Youth Ranch
Frequently Asked Questions

• How many weeks of camp are there this summer and what are the dates?
We will be hosting 8 weeks of camp this summer from June 3rd to July 26th.

• What are the hours of operation for camp?
Camp activities begin at 8:00am and end at 4:00pm. Circle C provides before and after care as early as 7:00am and as late as 6:00pm with no extra charge. After 6:00pm the camp charges $10.00 for every 15 minutes per child.

• When do I need to pay the remaining fee for the week my child is attending?
The fee is $165. This amount is per child and should be paid no later than the Thursday before the week your child is scheduled to attend camp. Campers who are dropped off without payment will wait in the office until a payment has been received.

• What should I do if I want to add a week that I did not reserve at the time of registration?
If you would like to send your child to camp for a week that you did not originally reserve, you can visit your account online and add additional weeks.

• What are the drop off and pick up procedures at Circle C?
Ages 3-6 should be dropped off and picked up at the playroom located in the preschool building off of the U-shaped driveway in Gate 3.
Ages 7-14 should be dropped off and picked up at the long driveway through gate 4.
*If a camper is dropped off after 8:00am it is the parent’s responsibility to accompany the camper to their group unless a staff member is available to do so.
*Early pick-up policy: Any person who has been added to the camper’s emergency contacts or additional pick-ups list may take their I.D. to the preschool building (3-6) or to the camp office (7-14) to obtain an early pick-up slip. This slip must be given to the counselor in order for the child to leave camp early. In order to take the camper, you will need your pin number to access the camper pickup screen. You must have this pin number or your cell phone with you to accept a text with your pin number if you forget it.


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